National Television Awards And The Who Killed Lucy Clue

5812883-low_res-eastenders So The National Television Awards revealed a vital clue tonight in the Eastender’s Who Killed Lucy case. That darn jewellery box really has a lot to do with her death, doesn’t it. First, Cindy unwrapped it from under the tree on Christmas day and the clue at NTA was its music playing “the final sound she heard”. Ohhhh suspense! eastenders-logo-417506748

So I have two theories about this box. It clearly wasn’t just a pretty place to store her jewels. No. We know that Lucy used it to store her cocaine, which means that her death is clearly linked to her drugs. We know that Peter and Cindy knew about her drug taking, could it be one of them?


9403563-1-1 But my Abi theory is still going strong, I mean the trailer does say ‘a loss of innocence’. This could be related to Lucy dying, Lucy taking drugs, OR it could mean that sweet wannabe vet Abi really did kill her. Her and Max definitely know something, I know it!! ls-lorna-fitzgerald-375740 Also while we are on the topic of NTA’s, can I just cringe a little for Kris Jenner. kris-jenner-nta I don’t know why I was so shocked, and found it almost surreal to see her come on with a camera following her. I mean, I know her life is filmed, but to see it being filmed is something completely different. It’s like finding out Santa isn’t real, you don’t want to believe her life is really a TV show. Well, I don’t anyway.  Her presenting skills made my Vlogging drafts and past presentations look Oscar worthy. I mean, Kris – it’s Geordie not Georgie, although I can see she probably got confused as they were names that sounded similar but began with a G not a K. I hate to laugh at Kris as I am a self confessed Kardashian fan girl, but she really did make me blush tonight. I just wish I could excuse it to the language barrier…


A Public Diary Is A Month Old, Let’s Eat Cake!


It has been a month since I sat down and wrote my first entry on A Public Diary, and how those four weeks have flown by. I can hardly believe we are in January already and my first few Christmas related entries in cyber space are now completely irrelevant until next December (or August in the retail and advertising worlds).

Before I start writing, I would like to say that this photo below is for all of you readers. If I had a real cake I would bring it around and share it with you all (although I like to think we would look a little happier than these mysterious children).


This is more like it!! We will party like its 1922.


Starting this blog has been such a pleasure and I never realised quite how much fun I would have jotting down little posts here and there and snippets of my life for all you lovely readers to enjoy. When I first thought of what to christen it as, I was careful to think of something that would allow for me to write about whatever I fancied at any time of the day. I am not very good at being concise in just one topic (you only have to see my random mix of tree photos juxtaposed with selfies on my Instagram account to know that). I hope that my little mix of stories of my life, along with my opinions on my televised guilty pleasures and photographs have been entertaining enough and enjoyable for you to read alongside your coffee/ left over Christmas cake/ January detox smoothie.


I have many ideas and posts jotted on sticky notes all around my office desk that will get my undivided attention in the evenings and weekends. Hopefully I will be somewhere as relaxed as the girl below when I type them.


P.S If all these photos of cake (sorry I couldn’t decide which one to choose so I put them all in) have made you hungry, then I give you permission to go get something delicious – you survived Monday after all!

P.P.S It would be great to know what things you would like to see on here/ appear more of. I will do my best to make it happen!


That Sunday Feeling


Don’t you just hate Sundays. Why is there only two days of the weekend and five during the week. It isn’t even close to being an even amount of days split between working and resting. Sundays in January are the worst I find. Its dark when you wake up on Monday morning, and dark when you come home. At least in December there were festive Christmas lights to keep you company on your walk back from the office. January should have a celebration to keep people happy until Easter. Instead, we are apparently already thinking about eggs and bunny rabbits – the shelves in Tesco are already packed with mini eggs alongside the reduced Christmas chocolate.

The weekend also always seems to tire me out. If like me you want to get as much out of your days off as possible, then there is very little time to rest and sleep. As one of my friends used to say “I’ll sleep when I die”.  However, come Sunday evening, all I want to do is sleep and relax all night into the late hours of Monday afternoon, but that small but very noisy alarm is unforgiving and hard to ignore.

Instead, I will turn to that magic little potion called coffee and sip away pretending I am at a coffee shop in Barcelona, where this very delicious coffee was drunk and snapped below.


Oh and tomorrow, and all coffee needs a biscuit.



Those 5 Women You Will Always Find In The Workplace

Having worked in several offices in the past few months as a temp, I have had the luxury of being given that bottom of the pile, observational position whereby witnessing the character traits and hearing the office gossip has been suitably possible and almost unavoidable. After all, who cares if ‘the temp’ is sitting in on the conversation about that affair with the boss – who will she tell? While there have been all sorts of interesting characters as I have trailed in and out of converses and heels (depending on how cool or corporate the office vibe is) I have made a list of five of the most common characters that I have been (un)/ lucky enough to encounter in my early office experiences.

NB. All experiences and encounters are my own observations and personal experiences  I am in no way generalising the working world/ wanting to offend anyone who feels they fit into one of these categories!

woman_typing_vintage 1) The Know It All Normally this person is a woman (although I am sure in some professions it could be a male). Said person also has a mediocre role in the office but with enough power to feel incredibly important. The best example I can give is an office manager. She is in charge of the stationery cupboard and filing rack, yet treats it like a military procedure and will not let anyone stand in her way, especially when it comes to choosing which pen to order. She has a strong opinion, likes to hear her own voice and is bossy. She especially likes to make those few that work FOR her feel very small and dumb. “Don’t you remember, I told you that file 1043DFK is for the fifth housing estate run by our deputy manager’s brother”. Urg, no  gulp. The Know It All, although extreme and annoying, normally means well and if you get her a drink at the end of the day, usually transforms into a different person.

2) The Highly Important One – Do Not Look At Me If You Are Not A Manager Too Normally an executive of some kind, or the highest of the high, this person will be super kind and jolly to all of those who hold a similar status, or if they are male. This person, however young has forgotten what it was like to be at the bottom of the ranking order and if you so much as sneeze in the wrong diameter from where she is sitting, you will be in some kind of trouble. Do not offer to make this person tea unless they are in a good mood and especially don’t think it a good idea to knock before entering their room to deliver post in their inconveniently placed postal tray – this requires for them to answer back in some way, and if they aren’t in the mood to talk to such a low level of staff – they won’t. Stay away from this person until you become someone significant in their office. Or wait until you become famous and wish them a happy birthday.

3) The Office Gossip (Bitch) There is always one who likes to find out everything. Be careful who you tell your deepest secrets too at work and never email anything that can be viewed by this nosey parker, they will find a way! This person will stay after hours with a best friend/ work partner in crime/ bitching buddy to gossip about the outcasts, the annoying and the plain weird. They will also gossip about you if you did the slightest thing to upset them. They will act like your best friend to your face, but you never really know what they are thinking. Don’t worry though, like in all fairytales, the OG never wins in the end. They don’t always use their brain before their mouth and those emails that they send around – well they can sometimes end up to the wrong recipient.

4) The Weird One If you don’t know who this person is, then beware – it might be you!! (I joke of course, nobody who reads my blog is weird). Weird is a word that can branch out in many directions, and I admit that I am stealing some of my friend’s stories for this one. This person could either tell ridiculous compulsive lies, talk to themselves at their desk or cry uncontrollably at the smallest of things. Weird can also extend to clothes – there is always someone that tries to be the next best thing for the office edition of Vogue, but gets it oh so wrong. Just yesterday, I met a lady wearing an above the knee dress, boots – but no tights. She was far too old (and the weather far too cold) for it to even be considered okay. The weird one is always harmless and if you take a moment to just be nice to them, they will thank you for life.

5) The Jolly One This one is happy, always. They are cheerful in the early morning when you just want to chill and get on with your work, and stay that happy right until the end of the day. They are friends with everyone and never, ever say a bad word about anyone – no matter what they do to them. They offer to make you tea, bring in cakes made by their children/ sign up to run charity marathons/ lend you that extra pound in the canteen. The jolly one is nice, kind and very happy and appears to lead the perfect existence. She is sorted and has it all – but does she? Sometimes this jolly one is masking her not so jolly private life. However, some jolly ones are actually just plain nice. If so, then they are a great addition to the team. And if they ever snap on the rarest of occasions, then you almost breathe a sigh of relief – even the J O can be human!

Other characters – the flirt, the working mum, the single man, the temp, the down to earth, the geeky, the kind and the normal.

Heres to all of those who work and long live their characters – as it makes it a far more colourful working day for all us normals!

Do you have a similar person in your office?

Do The Eastender’s Cast Already Know Who Killed Lucy?

Warning: Another Eastenders related post. I am counting down the days until February 19 and trying to play Sherlock faster than Emma while sitting in the office day  after day. 


When Jake Wood recently announced that he killed Lucy, it was quite obvious to me that he was joking. If he had really killed Lucy there is no way in hell he would be able to stay put on the square and he would be out faster than Abi Branning’s mood swings.

However, what I did think is this – how would he be able to get away with sharing this joke, if he wasn’t 100% certain that Max didn’t kill Lucy? Sure, he said I, not Max, but it is still something to wonder.  What happens if Max then turns out to be the killer? Isn’t that a bit too risky – surely many viewers will see it as a hoax and that he knew all along. It was a very tricky and risky move, far riskier than any he had previously done on Strictly Come Dancing. I am therefore certain that a, Max didn’t kill Lucy and b, he had some idea of who the final culprits, if not the actual culprit is already.

Do you agree? Or do I just have far too much time on my hands these days?

Be Who You Want To Be But Don’t Try Too Hard

10915258_10153048320522853_8578150030359167761_n I have stolen this photo from the  Freelance Writing Jobs page on Facebook because I think it is so true. Not just to me, but to so many people I know. Think back to when you were at school, to college, to present day. I for one can think of 100 ways in which I have changed. For instance, I used to think that wearing green tights and a blue dress with pink ribbons in my hair was a cool look at 14 – maybe some would say i was a hipster before they were hip, while others will see it was just plain tragic. I also never really got the concept of work – my saturday job at Gap used to feel like a punishment and I even asked if I could take time off to go to parties – worlds worst teen employer is I. Although trivial and silly things, as lets not get too deep at 21.57 on a Wednesday night, I feel that both examples of my former self represent in some small way, me trying to be someone cooler than I was. The try hard outfit certainly got a lot of comments, and I guess I just didn’t want to miss out on any party that was going on. I didn’t quite grasp that really, I had my own brain and could think quite okay on my own. If it were me today, I would be wearing black as it means I can wear anything and look smart/ fancy/ casual simply through the chosen colour, and I certainly wouldn’t miss out on any second of work now that I have fully grasped the concept of money and how it matters in this world. I used to even write in a ‘cool’ language made up of words like ‘tehe’ and ‘lol’ and ‘groovy(!!)’. I assumed that when I looked back at my diary years later, i would still feel as hip and in trend as I was then. How I was wrong. I think everybody, no matter their age should just be who they are. We all have personas and past interests/ personalities and damn right embarrassing wardrobes that makes us exist as numerous people throughout our lifetime. But right now, anyone that is buying a pair of green tights to look cool when really thinking ‘why oh why’ and anyone that is eating organic almond milk, just because its ‘the right thing to drink now’ should just relax (this had to be mentioned as I see so many people doing this right now who are loosing bones by the day!). Be that person you want to be, and most importantly who you really are – so that in years to come you can look back at your diary Facebook and think – yea that was me and I am proud!

Why The Kardashians Will Stay On Our Screens Despite Their Haters

tv-keeping-up-with-the-kardashians09-500x400 I am 10894 years behind the times when it comes to The Kardashian family. I have to grovel under a rock and hope that I never meet Kris (who does seem semi scary) to admit that until recently, I thought they were a complete waste of space, especially on the Daily Mail’s sidebar of shame. I now alologise prefusely for this assumption (although I still think Daily Mail produce ridiculous made up stories about them). As I expect the sisters are a little too busy to read this, I will instead publically admit I was wrong to my own sister, who has been a loyal fan of them from the start and put up with me constantly asking her why oh why is she watching that ‘trash’.

I don’t remember what lead to me watching Keeping Up, I think it was probably after Kendall started getting respect in the fashion world. But after watching just a few minutes of an episode, I was hooked. It wasn’t just their kool and krazy lifestyle (Kris kasually wanting to rent out The Four Seasons for Kendall’s 16th birthday party – my dream life…) and witty comments from Khloe, along with the sarcastic and dry remarks from Kourtney that made me watch on. No, it was the fact that despite their wealth and differences it is very obvious that they genuinely get along and care about each other.

As I have been a late developer with the Kardashian kraze (last time I use a k to replace a c, I promise – I just can’t help myself!) I am still watching the earlier series. I guess when I praise them and they think are the best humans since sliced bread (or the internet to my generations equivalent breakthrough invention) I am seeing them as the funny, close knit, almost normal family in series one (my opinion, I am sure many will disagree in them ever being normal). Now when I watch the newest trailer for series 10 and see that even sweet Kylie is showing full frontal attitude “I don’t think you know me anymore” she says, I begin to doubt what I think of them. Kim is seen saying “I’m not going to buy her a pair of shoes, I bought her a career”. Although we don’t know who it is she is actually talking about, the tabloids are assuming it is Kendall and if correct, the jealousy is ugly. However, I also think that Kris Jenner is a very clever businesswoman, who knows that attitude and controversy gets her family views. Has fame changed them? Or are they playing up to their reality TV characters to get more views? Or maybe they are just terrible humans? I feel the later is extreme and I refuse to believe it, despite what the magazines want to tell me otherwise.


Whatever the answer, The Kardashian family are getting screen time, haters and fascinated fans like me rambling on – despite the fact none of us actually know them. They are not going anywhere for a long time and despite the fact I have to pay to even watch them on google (greedy or what!) they are still alright in my books.

What do you think of the KK’s and KJ’s of the world? Either way, it doesn’t seem that they care too much.


Calling All Mums – Who Wants To Buy A Super Cute Handmade Dress


Before you get confused, Sew 1965 is the name of my mums new website and I am about to tell you lovely readers all about it and why you should support her.

My mum has loved making clothes for as long as I can remember. She would always make me the best fancy dress clothes for book day at school and she was there to help me make my own dresses in textile GCSE – oh how I don’t miss those exam fuelled days!



She has now taken to making her very own dresses and selling them for a tiny handful of pennies. Although she makes these handmade pinafore dresses for babies and girls up to 4 years old, I am hoping she will be persuaded to stretch the fabric a little further and make grown up versions soon too. Anyway, she is really very good and they have been a sell out in our local gift shop. If you guys know of anyone that has a baby who would like a little dress to wear, then do check out her website!






That Monday Back To Work Feeling

Put your hands up if your back at work today and already wishing it was Christmas everyday (well at least until January is over). If like me, you are over the January sales and wishing you were somewhere other than the depths of the office gloom then read on to feel a little reassured, as believe me you are not alone!


I have no original ‘back to reality’ images to support this photo of my own, so here is a dreamy photo of Interlaken, Switzerland to mesmorise you in your lunch break on this cold, miserable back to work Monday.

Going back to work or school is never fun after any holiday and I am feeling the sombre mood in the office today as I take down the Christmas cards and allow for the tree man to take away our festive tree. See you next year. To cheer myself up, I ate the rest of the chocolates from the advent calendar on my desk and poured myself an extra strong coffee with sugar – that January detox had never even started.

Lets all make sure that January is a fun month for all. Think of some nice things you can do to make it a joyful month. I have made a list of ten five (lets be realistic) things I want to do and will tick them off when they are lived.

  1. Visit my sister at university in Newcastle (she left yesterday and I feel like my arm has been cut off)
  2. Read a book and finish it
  3. Continue to learn Danish
  4. Go to a new bar in London (I ALWAYS end up in the same places)
  5. And finally, the most optimistic of all – if I manage to save $£, book a cheap weekend trip somewhere in Europe (I have friends in Rome, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Dublin, Switzerland and Munich)

What’s on your list?


Eastenders Fans Help Me – Who Killed Lucy?!


Warning: This is only interesting for people who enjoy Eastenders! I am a bit of a die hard fan (ohh the irony of that expression) and so I thought I would share my opinion on the Who Killed Lucy storyline with any lovely like minded people! 

I am such a huge Eastenders fan at the best of times but tonight I even shocked myself in the dedication department. I was at a belated family meal and we had just finished dinner. It was 7.45 and all I could think was, if I leave now, I will catch Eastenders. I just couldn’t possibly miss the aftermath of last nights cliffhanger – was Emma dead? Was Max going to kill her? It was just too much. Lets not even get started on the Nick cutting the breaks of the Audi/ Ronnie coming back to life and giving birth all in an hour storyline. Woah.

So tonight it was confirmed that Emma was dead, something I was really hoping wouldn’t happen. I thought Anna Acton was such a great actress and Emma a fun and interesting character and god dammit – she really nearly got to reveal the case!  Alas, in soap land it just had to happen. We would have been silly to think she would have survived to reveal Lucy’s killer when we already know that us viewers will not find out until February 19. I am counting down the days. Really, I am!


Me and my sister have watched many a murder mystery programme in our time and enjoy working out who the killer is. It is common in these revelations to have at least one red herring in the process to trick us into thinking they were the murderer. I think Lauren, Ian and Peter serve as such. I am intrigued to know who gave Cindy the jewellery box, but equally think it wasnt the killer to have sent it. If they did, then it was clearly done with pure evil intentions, rather than an accident – something that was hinted when they were confronted by Emma.

I am guessing that Abi is the killer. She is quite an obvious choice in the sense that she had a motive – finding out she was sleeping with her dad, and her character has changed a lot since. She not only followed Lauren at Halloween wearing a mask, but didn’t seem to care that she had killed her dog! That is not the same Abi that dreamed of being a vet!! Jane is also a popular choice, as is Denise! However, I don’t think they have the same motives and if it was revealed it was either of them, it wouldn’t seem that fitting. Hmm.


Who do you think it was? Or maybe it was more than one person? I am so hooked!