Disposable Travel Pictures That Make Me Smile

All pictures capture memories and have a story behind them. Here are a few from my collection of disposables taken last year in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Geneva, Croatia, Paris and London – phew! I don’t know what I would do if Boots stopped their one hour, CD for an extra pound service. 


A pigeon in Amsterdam. Why wouldn’t I take a snap of him? He looks so content with life. We should all look up to this creature when feeling down.


My friend Tijana, in Copenhagen. I visited her there during Halloween, hence the costumes. I had a 4am flight the next morning so I took my suitcase with me to the bar. I felt as efficient as the Danes that night.


Another Dane, Mathilde, in Barcelona. With Italian pesto. Taken by a wannabe Dane, English girl. I think this photo proves pesto can be modelled well in the right circumstances.


Sawsan, this talented Moroccan actress who currently also lives in, you guessed – Denmark. However, this photo was taken in Geneva where we lived last summer. This was captured during Fete de la Musique.


When my sister visited me in Geneva, we went to one of my favourite bars – it is troubling me I can’t even remember the name of it now, but it was behind Gare de Cornivan (the station). Ahh – La Petit Rein. It means small bike and you get a free cup when you buy a drink. I have far too many with me that I took back home to England with me. Sister is to my right, Kyra (au pair friend from Germany) is to my left.


London. A night out in our Surrey suburb, that made us feel like the Made in Chelsea gang on a TOWIE night out.


Amsterdam. With my friend Maya, who currently lives in Rome and whom I will be visiting this time next week. Yay. We went on a night out in Amsterdam, unaware it was a holy day and most places were shut. This resulted in us finding our own entertainment in the hands of a sticker I found on a wall in the bar (one of the few that was open). Unfortunately, however many times we posed with it, we left never having seen Sporty Spice.


My friend Emma, a graphic designer taking full advantage of this random water feature at a rooftop bar in Peckham. After this photo was taken, we met a guy who asked me for my email address (?) only to email me to apologise for not talking to us that much, as it was cold. Always me.


Recognise that background? Yes, we are now back in Geneva at La Petit Rein. This time, I am with my friend Josh, a fashion illustrator, who came visiting Geneva ‘on business’ – and to see me, of course! A clearer photo of the cups too. P.s I don’t know why I thought it was cool to have a straw with beer, it wasn’t even a Swiss thing.


Josh will kill me if he knew I had put this photo up, but I think its cool. Still in Geneva.


Now back in Copenhagen, at an Irish bar with Tijana, who has since lived in Ireland – YES TIJANA! This was two years ago, when scrunchies weren’t as common – just to put it out there, I can be quite on trend before my time..!


Heather, one of my kindest and most successful friends, in Amsterdam (same trip as other photos). Not only is she an editor at the age of 23, but she can dooplegang any poster to a T.


In Croatia, in a hostel run by a man known as Big Daddy. I made sure to keep a diary while there, and make my friend take a photo of proof.


Christine and Emma, Canadian and English. Two of my favourite people whom I met while living in France as an au pair. Here they are (with me behind the camera) at Fete de la Musique in Geneva. Free music all day and cheep and cheerful beer all night. It was a blast.


To bring in 2014, I went to Paris with my sister and friend Heidi. Both are currently studying, one in Newcastle, the other in Helsinki. I took a photo of this pretty cool cinema to remind myself to find it and go and see a movie in it next time I go there.


Montreux Jazz Festival, one of the funnest and magical events ever to be witnessed, good enough for Deep Purple to sing about. I love this photo so much, even though you can’t really tell where it was taken!


I lived on the French border of Switzerland, meaning it was no big deal to get a boat from one country to the other. This photo shows the Chateaux in Nyon, Switzerland in the distance as I am coming back from Yvoire, France on the ferry. I put this photo out a lot on this blog, but I love it for the still blue water and bright sky.


Finally, another Halloween themed photo in February. I just love it, because. I do.

As I have mentioned previously on my blog – on several posts in fact, I am a little obsessed with disposable cameras. There is just something about them that capture the  moment as it happens, without having to delete 100 attempts of the same pose so that everyone looks like a model. I even had a debate with a guy about them last week. He said ‘they aren’t original, they are from the past’. When I pointed out nothing was original,  including his leather jacket that was worn by John Travolta in Greece, he agreed with my point. Disposable cameras are just great, end of! 


Beauty Tips I Would Give My Teenage Self


Above is me as a teenager, thinking I was rocking those Claire’s accessories beads and side fringe like the next big thing. 

Last Saturday I was celebrating the 23rd birthday of an old friend. We sat, feeling positively ancient, complaining about our increasingly worse hangovers, early signs of wrinkles and the general ailments that come with that transition from teen to twenty something. As we got ready, said friend and I were talking about things we would have done differently to prevent further troubles in our present years and thus, here is a list I give to you, compiled of tips and tricks for our teenage selves. If you are lucky enough to still be in your teens, I hope you get some use from our wisdom (although I still don’t have my wisdom teeth – something else to look forward too).

Please note, all these tips are just things that we have taught ourselves through our own mistakes, we are in no means trying to be experts in the beauty field. However Mac and Benefit, if you are reading this, we take both cash and cheques.

1. Leave your eyebrows alone. Just seriously, stop right now with the tweezers. Nobody wants a mono brow, but stop at that. Luckily in 2015 Cara Delevingne has made it cool to have big eyebrows. When this trend stops, keep following it anyway. As a result of the invisible eyebrow trend of 2009, both me and friend have problems with over enthusiastic, misshapen brows to reckon with.

2. Always get ready by a window. The natural light will not lie to you, the kind dim lighting in the bathroom will. I cringe to think of what I must have looked like with non blended concealer lines, poorly drawn eyebrows and smudged lipstick – things you notice only after you step outside the house to face the world.

3. When you find a decent foundation, stay with it like a loyal friend. It will not let you down. I made the mistake of experimenting with new brands, colours (including a bright white powder, that didn’t match my tanned summer skin) and formulas. If you have sensitive skin like moi, so many cause break outs, rashes and many just look like you have thrown your face in a cake. When you find one that doesn’t do any of the above, it is gold dust.

4. Less is more. I am in love with the expression ‘I’m just painting on my face’, yet in reality, too much make up really does make you look like you’ve just stepped out of a circus. If you have a spot, just dab a spot of concealer over it and a bit of powder to your face. A full face of foundation makes it far more obvious your hiding it.  If you want big eye brows, don’t then wear heavy eyeliner and lipstick.

5. Think carefully before getting a fringe (bangs). They come and go in and out of fashion as frequent as the latest iPhone, yet for me personally, they just never work well enough to last. While they are fun and can give you an instant new look, fringes either make your face look rounder, cause spots on your forehead, cover your eyes and take forever to grow out. If you do get a fringe, please make sure it is done in a country where you can speak the language fluently. I made the mistake of going to France asking for a fringe, and ended up with a spaghetti strand of hair left on my face. I have only just recovered now.

6. Stay away from home hair dye. Ok, so if you have brown hair and you want a darker shade, go for it! But if you are blonde, thinking black will look good, or have dark brown hair you hope will turn blonde – a £12 bottle from boots won’t do that for you! Save up and go to the hairdressers, and you will then look at your teenage pictures in years to come without cringing.

7. Make the most of your fast metabolism. Those 10 pizza slices you just ate, followed by two Mars bars – well enjoy the fact you can’t tell you ate them. And whatever you do, don’t diet. It’s boring (unless you have been told to by a Doctor of course, then do as they say). In years to come, the proof stays after the pudding (unless you are super lucky – in which I am slightly jelous of you).


Me and my wise friend Saskia, on her 17th birthday, and below on my 23rd.


When I Went To London Fashion Week (Flashback Post)

photo 1




Before I begin this post, let me just point out the difference of the 2012 S/S use of stick thin models, in the days before Cara, Kendall and Instagram.  These photos are stolen from Hello magazine as a result of my insufficient subtleness in taking photos when I was at the show. But the ticket is proof I was there, opposite Hilary Alexander who was tweeting the whole way through the show. Oh, if only I was a fashion intern right now.

I realise I haven’t written anything fabulous and fashionable on here. I guess I haven’t been around it everyday of late. When I was living abroad in France last year, I have to admit that although Parisian residents are walking descendants of Coco Chanel and pure chicness, I was disappointed in the everyday wear in my small town of Divonne. Being on the border of Switzerland, it impossible to afford anything other than a bobby pin from the majority of the boutiques, meaning the over priced H and M was the only possible place to buy clothes. I spent the year living in plain t shirts and leggins and realised I resembled (as did everyone else around me) the people in my GCSE french book from 2002. Whilst I assumed it was an old book, I realise now it was indeed representing the locals in small French towns.

Anyway, rant over – and back to present day. Now I’m back in London, not only have I remembered what patterns look like and felt it socially acceptable to clash them occasionally, but I am getting overly envious of every single FROWer – past and future, who will attending London Fashion Week. Tonights  Gareth Pugh show followed by Vivienne Westwood tomorrow would make a nice addition to my weekend. Unfortunately, my current status means I will have to watch the live Twitter  feed rather than the show itself. Maybe next year?

Back in 2011, I was lucky enough to go to London Fashion week and see two shows. One was for Jena Theo, posted above, the other – Jayne Pierson’s The Mobius Strip.

photo 2

Here were my 19 year old views back then, taken from my old blog (click on the link to view it) 

Jayne Pierson

The Mobius Strip.

Welsh designer Jayne Pierson opted for a very different approach to her LFW performance with a literal, performance style runway show.

Dancing was as natural as walking, with ballerinas replacing models.

Costume-esque atire was worn. Maxi skirts. Fishtail dresses. Oranges,grey, tan, champagne.  Layering. An articulate mix of volumptious fabrics, such as wool created interest and added to the unique ambience of the entire event.





Abi Killed Lucy?? Eastenders Live Week


So after weeks of anticipation, Eastenders live week has finally begun! Horray. I have cancelled all plans this week and only wish that tomorrows episode will hurry up a little sooner. So did Abi kill Lucy? This is the cliff hanger of the moment, even more dramatic that who shot Phil, who killed Archie. I really will miss this story when it’s over.

A little while ago, I wrote that I thought Abi had killed Lucy. Clearly I was a little foolish, as it is now apparent she was a very good red herring. Jane, although suspicious and clearly in the know about who actually killed Lucy, I feel that she too is a red herring. Surely. I am now thinking Lauren thinks Jane killed her, but Jane helped drag the body out, putting it in her car – hence her car in the very first advert. Cindy or Denise, that’s my new verdict.


What do you think?? Who the hell did kill Lucy?? Or was it all one big dream?!!

The Small Town Problems Of A Caffeine Addict

To tie in with my last post, I have illustrated this one with a picture of me drinking coffee in one of the coolest bars in Divonne les Bains. Aptly named the jungle bar, the interior makes you feel like you are on a safari bus and you can order both coffee and beer any time of the day. Ahh. 


And now back to reality, present day at home in England…. I experienced today an unforgivable act of selfishness from my small town in the suburbs of London. Rather than there being no room at the inn (which at least in this case I could have then got a take away cup) there was simply no coffee in the café. Okay, so I might be deliberately forgetting to mention the fact that  I left my house at 4pm for my caffeine fix, but I assumed I would at least get a solid few hours in the coffee shop . I had even taken the trouble of searching high and low for my laptop case so I could be productive while sipping and recharging my brain.

First stop was Costa. Arriving at 4.10, I assumed the ‘closing at 5’ sign would still mean I could stay there for a good 50 minutes. Instead, I was told ‘sorry we are closing soon’ by the pre pubescent waiter. Not wanting to give up, I then went to the gym nearby to use their coffee shop. I try to avoid it when I can, simply because I am the only one downing a full fat cappuccino without a sweat band or red face and I often feel guilty for this sin. However desperate times..

We only have coffee from the machine now, then said. I’ve had that type of coffee there before and the taste of powdered milk at the bottom of my cup was enough to stop me making the same mistake again. I didn’t even try to investigate the other independent cafes on the other side of the road, but instead started walking home realising I would have to make do with my Americano equivalent in powder form (with real milk at least).

On my way home, I went a different route to normal to spice up this miserable mission fail and to my surprise, I saw that the local italian restaurant was already open for dinner. I almost ran in screaming ‘flat white’ and although I was asked the judgemental “is that all”, I was given it with a biscuit and a wide smile. Oh, but of course there was a down side to this too. Being the cashless idiot that I am, I had to buy two coffees to make the £5 card limit.

photo 1-23

Here was one of them (although it was actually an Americano with foamed milk if I am being extra fussy).

So today, I have learnt to never think it okay to be spontaneous in a small town when it comes to getting a coffee and alway always bring cash out on such an adventure.

At least I will be energised for the rest of the weekend now. Sleep, who needs it. 

Coffee And Macaroons In Paris




Isn’t coffee a powerful thing. Not only does it make your brain accelerate into action, making you feel like Usain Bolt (well, on his day off) but drinking it is also a rather popular activity, especially in France.

In France, I would even say it was cultural.

While I was living there, I would pass coffee shops and pubs each early morning and see men and women of all ages, in all weather conditions sitting outside with an Espresso and cigarette, watching the world go by before they started their day. While I was not a fan of the minuscule size of an Espresso, I joined in with a more time consuming Americano.

My all time favourite place to drink coffee was in Paris.

On a recent trip, I treated myself to a Ladurée café and a macaroon (the other two were not mine – we could only afford one each). The ceiling was something else altogether – I mean just look at it!


Croatia Through A Disposable Camera


Disposable cameras are hit and miss. Sometimes you anticipate in developing that hyped up photograph you posed for, only for it to come out the other side with a huge thumb mark over it. I took this risk when I went to Croatia last summer, and was very pleased with the results. Here are a few from the 3 cameras I took, complete with a few cheats from an iPad, just because I like them so much.


I went to Split, and Pag for a festival. I recommend Split. Pag will be fun if you are under 20. I met my friend, Christine (with the watermelon) who had been travelling around Europe. I had met her while living in France and it was a final trip before we left to go home to other sides of the water. There was certainly plenty of that in Croatia meaning our days were spent peacefully, and photo opportunities were therefore a plenty.


I plan on spending money I don’t have and treating myself to a  printed photo book with some of these pictures. If it were possible to capture photos to illustrate a moment or trip or lifetime as much as these do my holiday to Croatia, the world would be pretty damn cool. *Scuttles along to find a photography course/ personal photographer/ pays a paparazzi dude to capture my life*
















Disposable Cameras Capture The Best Of Life

I have been guilty of ill treating this blog of late. I feel like a bad mother neglecting their child, feeding it frozen vegetarian pizza instead of the home made gluten, vegan, zero fat cauliflower crust sort.


I am hoping that my busy work load will slowly bring it back to life. I have plenty of ideas and a whole documentation of my life in January waiting to be developed at the  Boots photo counter. I don’t feel words are appreciated so much without the photos, so until then I am sharing some of my all time favourite pictures from my life abroad last year in France and Switzerland, complete with guest appearances with friends from Denmark, Morocco, Canada and England. I hope they bring a little persuasion to you to go and book a ticket away somewhere this cold February – I am very sure you deserve it.




10487431_10152577030007268_7899847126058970855_n 19.40.44




1656134_10202857225979346_1504672700_n 08.43.00