Instagram Rehab?


I have recently discovered the addictive nature of Instagram. I feel like an old fossil who has just stepped out into a new lease of livelihood (okay worst analogy ever, fossils are dead – I know that). Anyway, since realising the fun that can be had on there, and what hashtagging actually does ## I am hooked. Facebook is so boring, I still don’t really get satisfaction from tweeting my everyday movements and Snapchat always takes your best friends away if you don’t snap for a day – such a fickle app.

So back to Instagram. Am I the only one who gets a secret thrill, a *high five, go me* moment whenever I get more than 11 likes? Well, if not – I’ve admitted it now!

If you are now curious to see my Instagram, do go check it out.  I like to take photos of anything and everything and sometimes do that overly uncool thing of posting more than one photo in the same hour. awkward.

@Hannafillingham Ill go follow you back too – now that’s a promise!!


Life Is What You Make It – Live Your Dream


I hope you are all having a great Wednesday – although how is it already Friday (minus two sleeps) already?

I wanted to write an update on my life, and also to emphasis the fact that living your dream is never, ever impossible. Unless you want to own Bernard’s Watch of course, in which case I’m afraid I still don’t have the answer to that one either. (Nineties British kids will understand this reference – but Google it and you will all wish you had a watch that stopped time too!)

Basically.. I’m moving to New York!! 

Anyone that has read this blog since the beginning will know that I am a little obsessed with the idea of living in New York. It has been my dream long before I even went there back in 2010, as an 18 year old tourist. We stayed in the fancy smancy Four Seasons in Manhattan and ticked off every site, exhibition and shop during our stay. The trip made me want to go back, and live life there like a local. Unfortunately, the small problem of holding a British passport makes it slightly tricky, and my skill set isn’t yet wide enough for anyone to want to sponsor me. Yet.


So how did this plan come to be? Through Google of course! After discovering an amazing organisation that needed some writing help, I went and offered my services and well basically – NYC here I come! Okay, so it took a few Skype dates,  sheer good luck and some mathematical elements too – I will certainly be on a budget while there! However, it is very exciting and although some may say I’m crazy, I should get a job NOW in England, or simply – ‘you are brave’ (I disagree, especially as Americans speak, well English!) – I am now just counting down the days until I fly to JFK!

I don’t think anyone should strive for second best in life and if you want to do something, as long as you are not hurting anyone and as long as you have the funds behind you, I don’t think you can let reality be the reason to stop you. After all, what is normal in this day and age?