Those Awkward Encounters On A Long Flight


So now I have been in NY nearly 24 hours and with a lot of jet lag still to shift and the feeling like time is dragging because it should be so much later than it is, I am resting on the roof top of my hotel to voice my observations on a long haul flight.

The people: who you sit next to is as fortunate as the genetic lottery. You have no clue what cards you will be dealt with, unless of course you choose a pod or an upgrade – in which case, I envy you. It is always my nightmare that I will be stuck next to a very overweight person, meaning I have little room to move. A screaming baby is also quite unfortunate, as is someone that eats cheese flavoured crisps for the entire journey. Lets not go into all the other worse case scenarios as I am sure you have a little imagination if I say the word no deodorant. Nightmare.

The choice of TV programme you watch: This is one I discovered yesterday. I was sitting with an old couple – who were nice and harmless I must point out. Anyway, I had never watched Girls before and decided it would be a great time to see what everyone was raving about 10 years ago. Of course this was a bad choice for obvious reasons and I didn’t know whether to turn over or keep watching like a cool cucumber. Ahh. Sex scenes with old people on the plane is as bad as with parents.

The vegetarian food option: I must admit, the vegetarian food choice has become a lot nicer than the last time I went on a plane that had the luxury of giving you a cooked meal. It was super healthy with fruit for desert. I got it served a good half an hour before the other non veggies on my row, meaning there was that how do I eat it without making a mess scenario going through my head/ don’t knock them when your moving your arms enthusiastically to dig into the lettuce leaves. However, when the standard non veggie meal was delivered, I realised just how much better off it is to eat meat. They got CAKE and CRACKERS. My fruit, which was just apple and orange might I add – so boring, was so disappointing in comparison. Unless you are a vegetarian for moral reasons, I say don’t bother ticking that box. Ill be a full throttle carnivore when I return.

The toilet: There are only so many times you can go excuse me, sorry when your in a row of strangers. My weak bladder on a long old flight didn’t help the situation and you would have mistaken the name of the girl next to me for Sorry the amount of times I said it as a hint I would be interrupting her film, again.

Who else has had these problems on a flight? Jeez, I wish I was a Kardashian with my own private jet.


New York Diary: Times Square Madness And A Diet Of Bagels


This morning seems like it has lasted forever due to the fact I have been up since 6am. It is only 1230 now and I have already ventured to Broadway, Times Square and  drank enough black coffee to put The Gilmore Girls to shame.


Now, my body is aching enough to divert any guilty feelings I have for sitting up on the roof terrace and not delving further into the jungle out there in Times Square. Am I the only one that isn’t overly fussed about the square of time? I mean, I know if you want to go shopping, see a show or take some cool photos to show you have been to New York, then theres your man right there. But there is something so superficial about it to me that reminds me of Leicester Square, Dam Square, all the other squares in the big cities that attract everyone with a iPhone, iPad and if your cool like me, a disposable camera from Boots.


I went there as it would have been rude not to, seeing as it is a block away from my hotel of paradise. All I really wanted to do though was find a sun hat. I don’t suit hats and I wanted a cool cap. But could I find one that didn’t have New York written on it? That would have been funny. Even H and M had Manhattan and Brooklyn, oh and a Miami one for good measure. As a result, I have had to buy a STRAW hat, which okay is quite nice but could I feel any more English wearing it? Not really.


Another thing, I really didn’t pack very well. I spent the whole evening (the night before of course) trying to cram as much of my wardrobe into my teeny tiny cabin sized suitcase, yet all my clothes are black. I seem to have forgotten what sun feels like, and black sure doesn’t take well to the heat.


My new home on the roof.

New York Diary – Jet Lag, Bagels And Roof Top Terraces

photo 3

If you are new to this blog, then this sure is a good post to begin with! I am making a bet with myself that I will be able to blog about my trip to New York on an almost daily basis.  I feel that although I will enjoy reading it back in years from now as a middle aged house wife reminiscing about those three months in the states, I would like to make it enjoyable for you, the reader too. Therefore, anything you want to know about New York, or photos you want me to take, just comment below. I might even be brave and blog some of it, but first. Let’s start at the very beginning.

photo 2

So here I am yesterday at approximately 12pm, drinking green juice with my family while waiting for that time to go through security and pray that my earrings don’t set the beeper on me. This trip has been such a random and ever changing decision in my head over the last two months that I feel that it is a story in itself to explain why and how I ended up coming over NYC.

photo 1

Originally, it was a shoe string budget three month stint in order to experience living in the glorious city that never sleeps (cheese). I was meant to go and stay on a ferry in Brooklyn, something I would have been able to do for free, if I then worked for free on the boat every day. It seemed a great idea at the time. However, the nearer it got to leaving, the more and more I realised I just am not cut out for the boating life. However adventurous you think you are, I think there is a cut off point to everyones limits – especially as you get older. I found out a week before coming that I would be sharing a room with 5 other girls, with 1 bathroom between all of us. Hmm. The other thing that put me off was the fact there wasnt even a subway stop in the town I would be staying in, just a shuttle ferry run by Ikea. It ended at 9pm.

I would be the only one asleep in the city that never slept, on a ferry in a bunk bed, with one bathroom. Would I even get a mirror! Oh god! I just couldn’t. 

photo 3

To cut a long story short, I ended up borrowing a rather large amount of money from my very kind parents – who I think are secretly thrilled I will not be catching bed bugs in a bunk on the river, and have upgraded big time to a hotel in Manhattan. As much as I would love to say I was going to be living there for three months Zack and Cody style, I am moving in a few days to a super sweet apartment in Harlem for the first month. After that, who knows.

photo 5

I chose my flight seats the day before (typical) and this of course meant I had very little choice in where to sit. I ended up having to take a middle seat far too close to the toilet and prayed that my good karma deeds would bulk up enough to save me and that I would be far from any noisy, large or damn right mean people for the whole 8 hours. I mean, you want your space on a plane – right.

I lucked out big time and was next to a middle aged couple who ignored me the whole flight and a girl around my age, who I ended up making friends with. By the time I finally got to my hotel, it was midnight in my head, but only 6pm in NYC. I spent far too long trying to find somewhere to get food, only to choose the most revolting cheese bagel that has now made my bag smell of well, cheese. So bad.

photo 5

I was torn between going out and just relaxing in my very nice hotel and after the bagel incident, I really didnt want to go anywhere but bed. Just look at the view! I seem to have got sun burnt everywhere which has really surprised me as I haven’t even been outside that much since I got here. I am off to search for the coolest NYC cap in town later, but probably should avoid buying one with NYC as I will really look like a tourist then! Need to play it cool, y’all.

photo 2

Today – the present day, I woke up at 6am. It meant I got first pick of the free breakfast buffet, which had everything to carrot cake muffins the size of my head to apples. I had both to be kind and so as not to leave any food group out. I didn’t want them feeling left out and lonely.

I am off to meet my friend tonight for a house party and so am enjoying my own company before then. It is the first time I have ever been anywhere on my own before, it feels strange. Although I have lived in Denmark and France, both times were for a purpose so I automatically had people to meet and greet and so on. Now I have to rely soulely on my wit and charm and British accent to get people to sign up to be my friend and hang out with me.  I  also feel I have expectations to find myself or have some radical transformation as a result of the lonesome trip, returning to England with a thousand hair wraps and a pair of harem pants. I guess I haven’t gone that far – how I exaggerate, but still.

I will be sure to keep you informed either way an will end this very long post with a photo of how I looked on my first morning, so you can visually compare it at the end of the three months.

photo 1

Tomorrow I’m Leaving For New York


Time sure does fly by as you get older. I never used to believe it when I was told this, especially at school when it seemed like days dragged on for months. However, I feel I have now graduated into one of those wise adults, who really are true in what they observe in this life we live in.

Two months ago I booked a ticket to New York. I would like to say it was a statement one way ticket number, but unfortunately due to the fact I am British and without a Green Card, a return ticket is very much in order. It is almost like Romeo and Juliet if you think about it. Anyway..

I am going for three months to the big old apple, will probably eat a whole lot of apples and more while there and hopefully have a whole load of interesting tales to blog about while over there.

I will be blogging tomorrow while at the airport, to make a point to myself and you reader s that I CAN be consistent with my posts, especially when I have something exciting to say!!

Apologies for the lack of illustrative accompaniments on this rambled update, but be reassured that you will be sick to death of photographic fun on this blog by the time I leave in August.

The General Election And The Results


I woke up today with a little anticipation of who would be leading this country for the next five years. I think I was in the minority who wasn’t appalled or disgusted at the outcome. The amount of press who have compared those voting Conservative to turkeys voting for Christmas is a tiny bit over exaggerated. I am no political expert, but what I do know is that newspapers are very quick to fire a gun at their opposing party, and influence the vote of their readers. Of course the campaign was one big effort to get people to like the leaders for a day or two. Do you really think Nick Clegg enjoyed going to a primary school and playing in a sand pit with toddlers? Maybe, but I doubt he would have done it through choice. I don’t think people should be quick to judge the outcome of this election until a few months into it. They may be surprised with the results.

On a slightly unrelated note. I also want to address the issue of judging others, seeing as this is a far more serious and political post than my normal random outbursts of letters and spaces. I think we are all too quick to judge something without knowing the full facts. Like the election. But also like others. Normal human beings. Today I felt great for doing something that cost me 40p. I bought a homeless man some crisps. Everyone was walking past him, looking at him like he was a piece of rotten food on the floor. He was shivering. Yes, he looked a bit fierce and I don’t think I would want to cross him on a bad day, but he was a human. I didn’t have enough money in my purse to give him anything that would have been worth collecting in his hat, but I thought the last scraps of change that I could muster together would be just enough for some kind of snack. To him, it was probably his only meal of the day and it made me feel sad for him. He was just one of the many homeless people that won’t be eating tonight and if we all took a minute out of our own heads and egos and looked around, we would realise just how small they were in comparison to others. Rather than judging other people, do something nice for them.


Art Attack – Emoji Style


Have I ever admitted that I am a bit of a Ab Fab fan? Well, if not the above picture of Patsy at the park will confirm this fact. For all of you that are far younger than me (and for that alone I am very envious), use Google or YouTube to find Absolutely Fabulous – it really says it all in the name.

Anyway, back to the point of my blog post. I got a bit carried away on Instagram the other day and wanted something fun to do in my vast amount of spare time this Bank Holiday weekend. Don’t worry – I do have a life too…! It dawned on me that there was a lot of fun to be had with adding emojis onto photographs. Well, I think so anyway. Does anybody remember fussy felts? Those boards you could buy and add felt shapes on them to create a picture. Well this is just what it felt like, except doing it as a 23 year old on my iPhone is something the 4 year old me wouldn’t have dreamt of in her wildest, most crazy Snow White filled dreams. Snow White was one of the only Disney films I saw as a child, but that’s a story for another day!


Hanging with my emoji friends in France. Jeez, if my friends in France did see this I might well just have emoji friends as company!


There is far more life in the South Kensington lake than you realise… take my word!


My vodka should have come in a martini glass – even though it would have been double the price. Never fear though, you would never guess I used an emoji to replace it, would you?


You can walk on the sky in this park. And I also just wanted an excuse to use one of my most overused emojis. I wonder what that says about me…!


Even if the royal baby ends up being named Alice, my sister is the original copy. Princess Alice – hanging in her room.


The best till last. Combining My Idol with emojis to make one crazy piece of art. Ps. My Idol is really flattering and I would like to be a cartoon in my next life.