A Little Bit About Me


I have told myself that I can no longer change the introduction, so whatever I write this minute will stay. Writing an introduction to something is a bit like thinking of how to make that essay stand out in an exam. If I haven’t already sent you to sleep at the mention of essays and school, then I consider you a very nice person and hopefully a regular reader of my new blog – something that I hope will bring entertainment and interest to many.

My name is Hanna and yes I am supposed to have an ‘h’ at the end of my name but I knocked it off when I was 10 as I was fed up of being called Hanna F (my surname is Fillingham – I think you will agree it is nicer having no ‘h’ and being saved that mouthful).

The cover photo is me and my sister enjoying cake since 1998.  Today in 2014, I very much enjoy coffee shop hopping, travelling, drawing, hunting for coats in charity shops, disposable cameras and exploring new places. I also love watching soaps – maybe a bit too much for someone in their early twenties. These interests will be featured as this newly made blog develops and grows – hopefully at a speedy rate! Enjoy the unraveling of this new speck of dust in cyber space.

Additional Fun Facts:

  • I am 22, soon to be 23 (on the 22 December)
  • It is a little sad of me, but I am a tad sad that I will soon be 23, as it means I will no longer have the same age as my birthday, ever
  • A much asked question (still on the topic of my birthday) is do I get just one shared birthday and Christmas present – the answer is no – would you like that?
  • I have lived in Wales, France and Denmark but unfortunately only can speak English – my French is getting there slowly
  • One day I would very much like to live in New York as a writer, but I was recently told  ‘wouldn’t we all’. Now I feel I need to think up a more unique life ambition

2 thoughts on “A Little Bit About Me

  1. Tell your friend Janeth Guijosa,Hi 😉

    By changing boats, water in the sea never changes.

    Harlem NY
    Frederick Douglas Street


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