Disposable Fun – 22nd Birthday



You will realise as this blog develops that I am a little obsessed with disposable cameras. There is something about the photos that manage to capture such movement and life in such a still image. The limited colours create a moment in time that somehow always manages to look good. I think anyway.
I have a huge collection of developed photos from recent years, all thanks to Boots and their one hour service, complete with a CD for just another £1. This means I can upload the photos onto my laptop with ease, rather than scanning them individually, although some may just say I’m lazy.
The first mini collection is from my 22nd birthday nearly a year ago. Here is a small glimpse of my life – celebrating in London with some of the best friends, and bestest sister.












I seem to be in a huge age crisis recently, which I realise has even been highlighted on my blog, as this is the second post I have written about last years birthday! See my post A Bit Of Nostalgia to see what I got up to that same year while in France (I managed to celebrate twice – the small joys of living in another country and coming home for your birthday). I keep trying to remember 23 is not that old – but it really does feel a lot nearer to 25, the age where your life is supposed to be sorted. So I have heard anyway.
I will no doubt be snapping away this weekend when I go and celebrate (?!) my near coming 23rd birthday. I find it hard getting the balance between taking photos and capturing the moment, at the same time as enjoying yourself and having a good time. I wish I had enough money to hire a photographer to take photos for me!

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