Red Cups At Christmas




I am a fan of Christmas, especially at Starbucks. Although I am a very simple Americano girl myself, be it from McDonalds or a Danish barresso (I know, I need to start tasting the difference one day), Starbucks Christmas coffees are something that stand on their own.



I was lucky enough this December to go along to a preview of the new red cups at Selfridge’s. Not only did I get to taste the first gingerbread latte of the year, but sample the new honey and almond hot chocolate – complete with chocolate whipped cream, yes it was a treat.







I learnt that different coffee beans go well with different cakes. Mince pies were the firm favourite to snack on with all blends – just incase you needed an excuse to devour the six pack box on offer.



Although I am a little cynical in the sense that everything is so commercialised come Christmas, I can’t help but enjoy that red cup, and the sweet smell of syrup blended as I queue up for my caffeine fix on a cold morning.




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