Richmond On A Sunday Afternoon (And Evening)


photo 2-2

Richmond – home to the likes of Mick Jagger, Hugh Grant and many rich people – there is a lot of truth in its name. I could only dream of renting a square metre on the green, let alone owning a house along the river. But everyone can dream, right.

I go to Richmond a lot as it is a half way point between my small town in the suburbs and central London. It is practically my second home – that being a square metre of floor space in the entrance to the station, or maybe half a square of Pret a Manger’s floor if I feel like upgrading my surroundings and taking in the fumes of coffee.

I took a lot of photos from my weekend, as I was in Richmond a lot. I had a lovely chilled out day drinking coffee on a boat followed by a long walk along the river with my Danish friend, Camilla. She has been studying in London and goes back to Copenhagen today – it’s always sad to say bye to people but also another reason for me to go back and visit her and my other Danish friends sometime very soon. If you haven’t read any of my previous posts already – I lived in Denmark for a while and am a little bit in love with it. I am even learning Danish on Duolingo right now, oh yes.


photo 1-7


photo 2-1

This was inside the boat. It was simply called The Boat At Richmond Bridge and I need to go back there asap to get a photo of the front so you can see just how cute it was. It was decorated like a Christmas grotto and so peaceful inside. You can buy everything from coffee to snacks and wine.



photo 4-1

photo 1-2

I just loved all the small touches. We got retro fruit salad sweets on the sweetest plate when we went to pay – this alone was worth a photo. We both had a coffee and shared hummus and pitta bread and paid less than £5 each. Perfection.

photo 3-2

Richmond bridge, just further along from where the boat was. So nice and peaceful and as Camilla pointed out, the air feels a lot cleaner than in London.

photo 2-6

I also had a great night on the Friday with two very old, old friends Annie and Jo. I met them at college which feels like only

yesterday but I realised recently it was now nearly seven years ago – how time flies! We went to Be At One, one of my favourite cocktail bars – my favourite is English Fizz, especially during happy hour incase you want to know, although the snap shot was of another one we all enjoyed called Shaky Pete’s – don’t you just love all the names. It had gin, beer and ginger. Almost healthy I feel.

photo 5drinks





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