The Importance Of A Diary

photo 2-8


Even though I enjoy blogging and I like how little effort and time it takes to press a few letters on the keyboard and create a sentence – like this, I realised recently how important it is to still write with a pen and create something on paper.

photo 3-7


There are two main reasons for me keeping a paper diary. The first is to simply have something that, unless I loose it myself, it can never go away. This idea was spurred on last year, when my hard drive decided to suddenly descend to the grave and loose all my photos and online diaries in the process.


photo 4-5


The second, is to simply keep something authentic of the time that allows you to look back on. When I was 13, I kept a scrap book with all my favourite TV shows, drawings, magazine cuttings and hand written diaries. It even has messages from my sister who was 9 at the time, and my Grandma. I found it recently when I was clearing my room out, and everything from the handwriting to the celebrities I liked at the time reflects my age and the year. It is something that writing online can never really do.


photo 5-2


In the new year, I have a huge list of things I want to do. Included on this is to keep a hand written diary, similar to the one I made all those years ago. It is so important to keep notes on your life so you can remember everything you have done. Until I am brave enough to start a vlog, these written diaries are going to be the next best preservation of my life.






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