My Favourite 3 Cafes Near Waterloo, London

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Waterloo – made world famous by ABBA. The mainline commuter station for anyone living in the South West is a five minute walk away from South Bank, Big Ben and The London Eye. Woven in between the iconic tourist attractions lies a treasure trove of independent cafes that are not only very Instagrammable (new word?), but won’t break your bank either. Here are my favourite spots, all tried and tested many a time by yours truly.

Scooter Caffè

Enter back in time to your grandmothers living room, with dim lighting, rustic decor and beautiful coffee art. Here, you can bring your own lunch, buy a drink for under £5 and relax in a comfy armchair. Oh, and if you like cats then this place is definitely for you. There are two wondering around.

Love and Scandal

Delicious breakfasts, sandwiches and cakes that are positively healthy, Love and Scandal is a great place to stop for a wholesome lunch. The scandinavian style decor, mixed with small quirky twists (old golden syrup tins are used for the sugar) give the cafe a great vibe and is somewhere I have on my ‘to go’ list, whenever I am in London.

Riverfront Bar & Kitchen

Located in the BFI (British Film Institute), this place is great to sit in on a summers day, with stunning views of the Thames and the effortless ability to people watch. Their breakfasts are out of this world as are the cocktails that are served all day.


(Taken from my travel blog – The Grass is Greener).



New York Diary: Cafe Review Silvana, Harlem

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I am living in Harlem, right off of Frederick Douglass Blvd – a street that has every kind of cuisine imaginable, 25 hours a day. Jazz bars, cafes, pubs and restaurants swamp this ever lasting road and I am already regretting that I will only be here a month.

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Today I discovered a cute cafe/ vintage shop come jazz bar in the night. It was not only cheap but the staff were so sweet. One even told me I had a nice voice. Thanks, mate.

photo 3

The cafe, Silvana had all the artistic qualities of a hipster cafe in Shoreditch and Williamsburg but without the pretentious feel of trying too hard to be something it wasn’t. Homemade cakes, middle eastern food and cute milk jugs were just some of the cute (I said it again, it’s the only fitting word) to describe my new favourite local hang out.

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Eastenders Fans Help Me – Who Killed Lucy?!


Warning: This is only interesting for people who enjoy Eastenders! I am a bit of a die hard fan (ohh the irony of that expression) and so I thought I would share my opinion on the Who Killed Lucy storyline with any lovely like minded people! 

I am such a huge Eastenders fan at the best of times but tonight I even shocked myself in the dedication department. I was at a belated family meal and we had just finished dinner. It was 7.45 and all I could think was, if I leave now, I will catch Eastenders. I just couldn’t possibly miss the aftermath of last nights cliffhanger – was Emma dead? Was Max going to kill her? It was just too much. Lets not even get started on the Nick cutting the breaks of the Audi/ Ronnie coming back to life and giving birth all in an hour storyline. Woah.

So tonight it was confirmed that Emma was dead, something I was really hoping wouldn’t happen. I thought Anna Acton was such a great actress and Emma a fun and interesting character and god dammit – she really nearly got to reveal the case!  Alas, in soap land it just had to happen. We would have been silly to think she would have survived to reveal Lucy’s killer when we already know that us viewers will not find out until February 19. I am counting down the days. Really, I am!


Me and my sister have watched many a murder mystery programme in our time and enjoy working out who the killer is. It is common in these revelations to have at least one red herring in the process to trick us into thinking they were the murderer. I think Lauren, Ian and Peter serve as such. I am intrigued to know who gave Cindy the jewellery box, but equally think it wasnt the killer to have sent it. If they did, then it was clearly done with pure evil intentions, rather than an accident – something that was hinted when they were confronted by Emma.

I am guessing that Abi is the killer. She is quite an obvious choice in the sense that she had a motive – finding out she was sleeping with her dad, and her character has changed a lot since. She not only followed Lauren at Halloween wearing a mask, but didn’t seem to care that she had killed her dog! That is not the same Abi that dreamed of being a vet!! Jane is also a popular choice, as is Denise! However, I don’t think they have the same motives and if it was revealed it was either of them, it wouldn’t seem that fitting. Hmm.


Who do you think it was? Or maybe it was more than one person? I am so hooked!