Returning To One Of My Many Homes


I like the small pleasure of being somewhere long enough to be in the ‘know’. These stairs are not only the gateway to the beautiful Bute Park, but a shortcut to the city centre. I count Cardiff as one of my many homes. Studying there for three significant years of my life, it feels far more familiar than the town I grew up in.

I went there for a few days last week to visit a friend and reminisce about old times. While it was a nice time, it was the first time I had gone back there that I didn’t really feel so at home. There were so many new places, old haunts had shut down, and the students were suddenly babies, rather than being my age or older.

There is something quite haunting when you find that the familiar is slowly changing, when time interferes and injects more recent memories that somewhat overshadow those that were once held so significant. Your head can play powerful tricks on you, and nostalgia can be dangerous. In order to stop disappointment, it is so very important to create new memories so that you don’t live your life relying on the past to make your everyday seem special. As chances are, if you were to go back, it wouldn’t be as great as you would have imagined.


Calling All Creatives – I’m Making A Magazine

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Hello lovely readers of my blog and anyone that stumbles upon this on cyber space,

I feel a break in my New York Diary posts is a little unsatisfactory to my OCD blogging tendencies, but I am hoping it will be worth the eye ache in grand scheme of things.

For months, I have been putting ideas together in the hope of making my own magazine. Another one of those “I’m going to change the world by the time I’m 25” people, I know, I know. It’s just a hobby, hopefully will one day turn into something more – but either way, I would love to have creative wonderful people on board with me.

I am looking for any writers, photographers and travel enthusiasts that are wanting to work with like minded people. Oh, and if you are living in New York, thats an even bigger bonus as we can meet and discuss this over gin.

Please email me: or comment below if you are interested in doing something super fun and cool with me.