A Bit Of Nostalgia

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Don’t you just hate Sunday evenings when you know that those two blissful days of rest and fun are over for another five days. I certainly do.

When I was at school, those five days used to drag. If only I appreciated the slow pace of life back then, because now I feel like I’ve blinked and its not only already nearly Christmas, but I am soon to be another year older.

This time last year, I was in France celebrating my birthday. Although it’s not until the 22 December, I like to drag it out and celebrate it as much as I can – especially as there is that overshadowing festivity called Christmas that always seems to get in the way.

We all like to be nosey, so here is what I got up to. My friends came over, and my trusty disposable camera managed to capture some great moments on camera, including my friend Birdie sitting on the radiator and breaking it. Luckily, we managed to fix it…!

CNV00015 2

CNV00011 2

CNV00020 2

CNV00012 2

Don’t we all look happy!


Here we are celebrating in Charlie’s, a pub that was conveniently next to my house and named after Charlie Chaplin.

CNV00004 2

I remember the evening well because it was Friday 13 and I was convinced something unlucky would happen. I always get stressed out organising my birthday and am always such a last minute person (writing this actually reminds me I need to book a table somewhere for this coming birthday too) – the Christmas party crowd always seem to get there before me, thanks to their office PA’s and their highly efficient booking schedules. I must remember to book next years birthday in June to save disappointment.


I needn’t have worried about the unlucky date. My birthday in France was a huge success and in fact you could even say we got lucky. I lived near to a Casino in my small French town and we decided to go there when the Charlie rang his final bell.

CNV00001 2

These guys were kind enough to not only share their winning coins at the casino so that we could play (none of us won, of course), but treated us to a pizza before we went home.


Did I mention that this pizza was bought from a vending machine? Oh, well it was. We were so impressed, I mean you can just see how happy we look. I’m not sure if it is something that is normal in France, or maybe more specifically the town Gex, but it was quite common for people to stop off and grab a pizza out of a machine placed in the middle of a car park. Dinner sorted.

When our goats cheese pizza was delivered (oh yes, there were many different varieties to choose from), it came out looking like it had been sent from out of space. Here is the evidence (well the empty box, you saw us – we clearly didn’t wait to eat it before we got home).


I am not sure the ins and outs and how health and safety would feel about the pizza after inspecting the process to which it is heated, nor do I think I would want to. I can tell you this much though, I still remember that night celebrating my birthday, along with that anticipating wait for the pizza to pop out of the vending machine slot like it was yesterday. It’s one of those fun and random nights that I managed to capture on camera and these photos make me smile whenever I look at them.

CNV00008 2

I still can’t believe that it was already a year ago that I was celebrating my birthday in France. I will write more about my time there in future blogs. I have only just started to get over how amazing my year was and move on – as if I was mourning something I can only now look back on but never return to in the same way with the same people again.

Do you have a bit of nostalgia that makes you smile from ear to ear when your walking down the street thinking of it – something that may be so insignificant in the scheme of your other life events, but funny or silly enough to be remembered? Nostalgia is a funny old thing. And as for my vending machine pizza, well the take away sort are now just not the same anymore.


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